Speed Issues... Sometimes takes 60 seconds to load repeating group

Hi there,

I am currently on the $20 paid plan… I have a relatively simple app, and according to the few bubble experts I have spoken to I have my page built correctly. It is a simple repeating group, 5-6 boxes of text per item in the group, 1 shape.

The group does not have any “search” function to perform or anything like that… It is simply pulling data from the page user.

90% of the time it loads relatively fast (emphasis on relatively)

But 10% of the time it doesn’t show up for for about 30 seconds to a full minute… Which, to someone coming to the page for the first time, is extremely confusing… it looks like it is a page of nothing…

Any ideas on what I can do to speed this up? If this is a problem with Bubble’s servers (which the people I have brought this to originally have led me to believe) are there plans to fix these sorts of things?

I cannot afford to move it to a dedicated plan until I have tested my app more thoroughly in the market… and I cannot put an app to market knowing it will only work 10% of the time.


I actually misspoke… It is loading essentially two repeating groups… both are quite simple.

They are both shown below in the “sheet of paper” section of the page

The bottom is essentially a condensed version of the other… which are shown/hidden via the icon above them

How many rows are you loading? Do you have a link so others can test it on their connections? I have a repeating group that’s a lot more complex than this one and it loads pretty quickly, so I’d be curious to see how things are looking.



Six rows - Two repeating groups… I just tried loading it and it took 25 seconds… Refreshed the page and it took 3 seconds.


Can you share a link to the editor? (I just viewed the link and it took around 10 seconds for me, which seems longer than usual. It loaded almost immediately after refreshing the page.)

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I will PM you! Thank you for your help!

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For anyone experiencing the same thing, try using “Do A Search For” for the data source (when possible), instead of using :filtered on a list. That should help. :slight_smile:

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Or do as much as possible in the datasource criteria to reduce the number of rows going forward to the filter. If it doesn’t need to be on the filter, move it to the source constraint.


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