Spinning Roulette Wheel

Is there anyway to add a spinning roulette wheel through a plug in or maybe by uploading an animation?
I’d like to create a wheel with predetermined choices that a user could click on spin in order to choose a reward.

Yes, that’s possible. The best technology solution for this depends on your use case though. Seems like you’ll most likely want an animation on the front-end. Perhaps an animated gif. Don’t know what logic you want behind the scenes to determine which prize they get, etc. Can likely do that in Bubble, but depends on what logic you’re using to calculate the prize they get.

If everyone got the same prize, then it’d be really simple. Just show an image, on click, show the animated git in place of the image. Then, after, say 5 seconds (when the gif shows them the prize) you can add a notification on the UI to explain they won this prize (and at that point, store it in your DB that they won the prize).

I suspect you’ll want to add some logic though so different people get different prizes with a different set of odds.

Best of luck.

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I think you could animate an icon say the finger pointer one and have it spin then set it’s degree angle appropriately based on your function. It would point at the prize randomly.


This is an awesome suggestion Thank You!

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Thank You. That is right along the line of what I was thinking. I appreciate it!

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Hi @lashonda.mickens, just want to know what exactly did you do to achieve this?

nvm, i achieved this by creating an animated gif just having problem on showing random image everytime i click a button

Another cool way could be a round group with pizza slice shaped groups inside, then you could use Moveit to rotate the group and then even go as far as pulling the winning slice out and presenting it possibly after expanding its size with CSS Tools. The other advantage with this would be as its all bubble groups you can be changing colors, gradients, shadows or even borders to give it a new experience every spin.