Sponsoring a Feature in Bubble (Segment Integration)

Hello everyone!

We have been using bubble’s native plugin to segment for a variety of uses. There are mainly few options, but the main difference with non-official bubble’s plugins is that you see something like this in the code

Meanwhile, if you use the bubble’s official, you have this code (more friendly to be passed to every other service vía segment) you see this


Is there a chance we might have a short talk with someone from bubble? We would need to have just 2 new features for their official integration (Track events performed by another user/system but attached to a specific user) and track events with a lot of metadata, revenue and CURRENCY overall.

If @emmanuel might point me in the right direction for talking this? if sponsoring a change in a plug-in is a possibility we would like to know how much would it be!

Thank you all bubblers!

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Hello There,

Still looking for a solution about this. Everyone is welcome to jump in!

@neerja, is this something that @martin2 might be able to sponsor? Or, are there good alternative solutions?

Hey @martin2,

We’d be happy to explore this further since it’s something that’s come heavily-requested on our side, so give us a shout at plugins@cobubble.com and we’ll take it from there. :slight_smile:

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A commercial plugin might be the best approach but you can definitely send us a feature request if you prefer.

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