Cobubble's SEGMENT (Event track w/ revenue) plugin question


I have cobubble’s (@copilot )segment plug in.

There is an event that I want to track with revenue, but it doesn’t allows me to send more details of the event to SEGMENT

As you can see in the picture, it’s just The ID, Event Name, Revenue and Timestamp

How can I do to sent extra fields from the database like “plan” or source, medium, etc.?

There are other event trackers, but doesn’t allow to specify the USER. And specifically in this event, I need to do so, because the revenue is associated with a user which is not performing the action.

Thank you for any comment on this

Hey @martin2,

Additional values are not currently exposed but we’re happy to explore it. Reach out at, as most users do to get directly in touch with us since posting on the Forum is a hit-or-miss game. :wink:

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