Spotify API to Search and Find Artist and Tracks

Hi all,

I need some help with getting a Bubble App working with Spotify (or I may just decide to pay for someone to do the work as long as I can move the configuration myself to other apps etc).

The requirements at the moment are:

  1. User able to search and select an artist
  2. User able to view albums and tracks for that artist
  3. User to play track(s)
  4. User able to search by just album/song title.

May also need (unless the API covers this)
5) Artist able to manage their profile via the Bubble App
-pull in profile image
-pull in some text fields such as name, bio, etc
-add/remove tracks

Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.


You should check which endpoint you need:

And use the oAuth2 user authentication process.
If you plan to only use one oAuth2 process, you can let Bubble handle everything including the refresh token. If you use more than 1 oauth2, you will need to handle manually each part.

Did you ever figure something out?