Square Web Payments SDK & ACH - by Knowcode

This is for embedding the Square Card Payment form into your Bubble pages. Similar to Stripe card payments in Bubble.

Payment card details are tokenized - you create a card on file at Square. ie no card details are stored within Bubble - Square give you a token that you store in Bubble. (via actions in your workflows). Then you can use the Square API with this payment token, as if it was the card details, eg take payments.

This is so you do not have to navigate out of your Bubble app to a Square payment page. The user experience stays within your Bubble app.

Service page

Plugin page

It seems to work well responsively, both old and new responsive engine. :slight_smile:

The Square Web Payments SDK is a JavaScript browser-client SDK that provides a secure payment-card entry method, along with other secure payment methods. You can read about that here Web Payments SDK

I built it because some Clients have payment infrastructure with Square, eg Point of Sale, and Inventory management, so they want to use Square, not Stripe, and didn’t want Users to be bounced out of the App to an external payment page.

There is nothing wrong with Stripe :slight_smile: - Stripe is very well integrated to Bubble - this is for people who need to use Square Payments within Bubble.

I’m happy to extend the functionality - get in touch. My initial use case was for Card-on-file for invoiced subscriptions so that inventory management would work nicely.



This is great @lindsay_knowcode - if my memory serves me, the Square SDK & API is extremely fiddly so this will have been no small task. To check, if someone uses Square POS could they extend their account to use Square for online payments as a Stripe alternative?


Yes very very fiddly, just about drove me mad. :slight_smile: Many hours mining the forum for gold nuggets.

You could always use Square previously if you were happy to bounce the user out of your Bubble app to an external Square payment page. But this is if:

  • you want to use Square, not Stripe - probably because you already use Square POS.
  • you want the checkout inside your Bubble app (like we all do with Stripe right now)

We’ve released a similar plugin to complement our other Square plugins, it’s definitely been tricky to get set up in Bubble, good job!


New release now supports Square ACH payments and ACH bank transfers. (very similar to Stripe ACH)

Hi, I am seeking to create a market place app that will be operating in South Africa, can Square processes subscriptions using South African bank accounts?

ACH is just for US payments. Do you mean Payshap? I can’t see any news about Square support Payshap or any ACH equivalent in SA.

Hi There, do you know if there are any Payment Gateways that can be used for South African Applications?

I’m not expert on SA payments - doesn’t look like Stripe & Square support SA :upside_down_face:


Thank you so much for all the help and advice- I really appreciate it.

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