Stable Diffusion API ( - need help!

I’m trying to hook the bubbe api connector up with Stable Diffusion via the api.

The API docs seem relatively straightforward (link).

I have my API Connector (in a plugin) set up as the following:

But keep getting the following error:
Screenshot 2022-09-15 at 21.50.10

Am I doing something obviously wrong here? Could be the way I’m dealing with the child arguments?

Any help would be much appreciated!

This is a long shot but try adding this as a shared header:

or try “Content-Type” with a capital T

tried that but same result im afraid :frowning:

Don’t send those using the “parameters” interface. Construct the post body as JSON, as in this example:

The issue you’re having is that (as the docs state) “input” is a JSON-formatted parameter. There’s literally an example in the docs:

  "version": "5c7d5dc6dd8bf75c1acaa8565735e7986bc5b66206b55cca93cb72c9bf15ccaa",
  "input": {
    "text": "Alice"

See how input is itself a JSON object? Just set it up that way.

PRO TIP: See this link? Just click it and you can use the example calls in the docs and Bubble will do most of the setup for you.



Then just fill in the missing pieces (what things you need to be dynamic, the endpoint URL in this case, etc.


Maybe switch back to the JSON body format instead of the Form-data so you can manually format how Replicate likes it. NVM Keith beat me to it :joy:


honoured to have a Bubble GOAT respond to one of my cries for help! :slight_smile:

That worked a treat. much appreciated

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I brake for StableDiffusion…

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it is scary good

I was in the beta, but haven’t messed with all the new stuff that people are releasing every 5 minutes.

space seems to be evolving at the speed of light.

open-sourcing the Stability Diffusion model was a bold move…

How would we incorporate webhooks via results?

@danielnn, umm, just tell replicate what endpoint in your app you want it to hit. (Create a backend/API workflow and set it to be publicly accessible. Then give replicate the URL to that endpoint as the “webhook_completed” value.)

Like, in this example, my endpoint will be


Any idea on image-image generation for stabillity diffusion? been struggling with these for weeks