Starting my project from scratch again

Hello guys!

I have created my product in the bubble which is working.

I have used few paid plugins and my project is on Personal Plan.

When i was creating it I was total bubble newbie. I made a lot of mistakes when it comes to DataBase structure and optimalisation.

I would like to start somehow from scratch and do everything keeping good practises in mind but i don’t want my current project to be lost (i want to keep it as reference).

My current plan allow me to do backups but only for limited time and right now i can’t afford upgrading it.

Can you guide me how can i back-up my current project as reference while i’m starting from scratch at the same time?

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Just keep the app on the plan hobby and mark it private


To be honest i didn’t understand your reply :sweat_smile:

Edited my reply … (darn autocorrect…) :rofl:

I think you can clone it along with the datebase and then you can rebuild in the app that you already have the paid plugins in


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