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Static data in RepeatingGroup

I’ve have a ‘Person’ type which has the fields Name and Score. I want to display those values in a RepeatingGroup, but have them remain static.

However whenever the data is changed; the values in the RepeatingGroup are also changing on the page.

I tried using a Custom state as the data source and populating that on Page load.
In the RepeatingGroup I setup a new CustomState, and I set the RepeatingGroup to use that CustomState as the data source.

In Workflow, when Page is Loaded I set the value of the Custom State to a search.

In the Workflow I tried with and without “:make static” to the Seach but it made no difference.

Any help is appreciated.

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@bdking76 welcome to the community!

The search function is dynamic by nature. It will show what it is constrained to show.

Try constraining your data to a point where only what you want shown … shows.

Simple idea … get the unique IDs of the only entries that you want shown and enter their unique IDs manually in the constraint.

Another idea … create an empty repeating group of type person and hide it in a popup that you never open. Call it “static data to show” … and on page load … display the only items that you want shown there (using workflow display actions). Have the visible repeating group source its data from “static data to show”.

Also explore operators such as :item until# or :item from#