Why Previewing Repeating group Content not showing any static data withing the group

Both the page content “Type of content” is set to User

What data is your Repeating Group holding?

I’ll take “Exactly what’s being fed to it.” for $400, Alex… err Adam.


User Data Type

Instead of typing “Hello”.

Use Insert Dynamic Data and select as shown below. In my case, I have first and last name as separate fields, so I included both.

What if i want to show both static and dynamic data. Even if are database is not populated it should atleast show the Static data on Row 1 right? Whats going wrong?

I mean what’s it actually holding?..

Although I already know the answer to that question is ‘nothing’…

Whether that’s because of privacy rules, or because you’re not loading anything into it I’ve no idea… but there’s nothing showing because there’s nothing to show.

If you want it to show Users, make sure you data source is a valid list of Users, and there are no privacy rules stopping the current User from seeing the User’s you’re defining in the datasource.


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