Static Data/Prevent update

Hi I’m an old Filemaker Pro developer and am loving Bubble. Can’t figure out how to do a static lookup for an invoice. Essentially freezing the data as it’s looked up so it doesn’t change already created invoices Prolly a simple thing and have ideas for setting it up if it’s not straight forward but wonder if anybody has dealt with this Thanks

You can’t freeze data in a database per se. What you can do is copy the data you want to save to a new table that is not edited.

So for an invoice, you would make a new table with the invoice information. Then for each line item, you would copy that item information to a new table and link that item to the invoice. I would also include a link to the original item so that when a user clicks on the item in their invoice it takes them to the listing to buy it again.

Like this:

Here is a good overview on linking datatypes: Linking Data Types Types

Wow Thanks You are a Starr!