:make static . What does this Bubble creature do besides taking space in the manual and properties dropdown?

For the love of Bubble.

Does anyone know what is this for? Anyone got it working? Under what circumstances?

Please don’t quote the manual or reference guide.

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Never had to use it, but what I understand is that the data will not be updated even if an update happen in the DB.
For example, You load a list of A, B, C
You create a new thing D, D will appear in your list that will become A, B, C, D
But Make static will remain A, B, C
To get D, you will need to refresh


Yeah, that is what anyone would understand from reading the reference guide, but it doesn’t work that way. Maybe it doesn’t event work at all. Maybe it never did.


Not sure this is something a lot people use. @neerja may be able to answer :wink:

@emmanuel - I’ve noticed in 2-3 threads that :make static doesn’t work. I can’t make it work either. Is there some kind of constraint to how it works? Thanks.

it used to work, now doesn’t.

Can probably get round it by pushing the list data from an action on load, not via the RG’s input.


Thanks. Will give it a try and report back.

I just discovered ‘:make static’ does something, but I do not understand precisely what.

I just came across a situation with some strange behavior. When I change the date on an item in a repeating group, which is date sorted, the items are tripping over each other, and the item I changed ends up with the date from the other item.


My thought is that Bubble keeps track of items in a repeating group by the index numbers of the items in the repeating group. This ‘edit’ situation confuses Bubble to much.

So I tried the ‘:make static’ operation on the repeating group source, and this solved the problem.


This is great, but to be honest, I don’t know why it worked.

It would be great if someone from Bubble could educate us on this.

Hi @mike_verbruggen

It converts the date value into a fixed (static) value, I assume the search does not process the date value. I wish I knew this before :slight_smile:

I tried to use this feature, but saw no results. I have several elements that have their dynamic data and I would like them to only update the values ​​on some command.

any idea?

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I would try what @NigelG stated. I personally have gotten it to work by not placing it in the RG input but using a button to ‘display list’ and using it there.

Hope this helps!