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Statis.js extremely slow!

My APP is extremely slow, and I think something about this Statis.js… But i have no clue how to solve this!!!

Any Help?

Hi, @edrizo . I see that you suspect Static.js due to the load time being longer than others. The question is , if it’s truly static.js causing it. Who or what is loading that script?. Is it a plugin that you installed or is it loaded by bubble internally?

Dude: static.js IS Bubble (the static components of your Bubble app).

As for the OP’s question, something (POSSIBLY a shitty plugin) is hanging here.

If I were the OP, I’d just file a bug report.

However, first I’d disable plugins and run the preview without them. (Search docs for “without community plugins” or some such if you don’t know how to do this.)