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Steps to get Twitter feed

I am trying to GET Twitter feed into my bubble application. Basing on an input like location, I would like relevant twitter feed to be displayed in my application. I understand APIs will be required and see some users use Zapier / Blockspring. I could find any reference or tutorials to achieve this. At the moment I have installed bubble API plugin and pasted this but it shows authentication error despite providing valid Twitter credentials. My question are :

  1. What are the steps to get connect and fetch data from Twitter ? How to configure the APIs.
  2. Do I need to use Zapier or BlockSpring API to achieve this ?
  3. Is Authentication mandatory to access twitter (I see “none or self-handled” option which makes me wonder if credentials are required at all.

Thank you in advance.

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Did you get it to work? I’d be very much interested in the solution as well. Thanks!

Hey there @kdh.inbox_1 @Prashant,

I just figured this out. Steps:

  1. Install Blockspring plugin
  2. Add a new block
  3. Click “Search by service”
  4. Click “Twitter”
  5. Call “Search for tweets”
  6. Initiate setup (click initiate setup, sign in to twitter, click “run”, then click “use in bubble”)
  7. Create a repeating group in your app
  8. Set repeating group type to “Search for Tweets”
  9. Set data source to “Search for tweets”
  10. Set what accounts you want to pull tweets from.
  11. Create a text (or image) in a repeating group cell and select dymanic value for “current cell’s Search for Tweets’s…” whatever you want to display.

Hope this helps.


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