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Data from external API behaving oddly or did I mess up?

Hey guys,

I am trying to build an app that hits the Twitter API, gets back some tweets, and then sorts them by Favorites. I suspect I have gone about this all wrong. Here is the structure.

Zapier zap >>> triggers Bubble API endpoint >>> triggers workflow that “grabs tweets” using Blockspring.

The problem is that I need the Favorite Count and RT count to be updated relatively frequently. In order to figure this out, I have created a button that does this action:

When I hit the button, my Repeating Group’s list of tweets Fav Count’s is updated! So the button seemingly works. Yet, when I go into the backend, the data for the tweet’s fav count’s remains unchanged! It’s like this button is only modifying information on the front end. I am not sure if I misunderstand the structure of Bubble or if I have gone about this so thoroughly wrong.

Would really appreciate anyone’s help and insight on the matter. Thanks.

Did you get this sorted ?

Looks like you are trying to call the Twitter API for each thing in “Search for Tweets” ?

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No but thanks for the ping. I have been working on another thing but I can see now that using “search for” is at the very least, a suboptimal way to do it. I have a way that I will try tomorrow, now that I have a better grasp of lists. These evaded me for some reason.

Hmm, yes. Sorry am not going to be much help. hard to know if it is a bug or it is structured wrong.

It looks like it should work. So your zap gathers in a load of tweets, then the button updates the counts ? If I am understanding it right. And you want to iterate through all the Tweets ?

Is this a user button or an admin button ? You might be able to use an Bulk Workflow ?