Sticky Sidebar scrolling issue

I created this page with a “sticky” header and sidebar: FFUNK - Dashboard

But as you can see the sidebar scrolls down for about 10px before stopping.

This shouldn’t happen.

It’s as if the app sees the “viewport” as being taller than it is.

€10 if you can spot how to solve it :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S.: Please go easy on me, I’m a founder and I’m just learning everything…

Look for the properties panel on the left side of the editor. You should find a section for “Page Properties”
Just adjust Page Height
Within the Page Properties, find settings related to the page height. It might be set to a fixed height or a percentage. Adjust these settings to make sure the viewport height is set appropriately

If you want the page height to be fixed, you can set it to a specific pixel value
If you want it to be responsive and fill the entire screen, you might set it to a percentage (e.g 100%)
By ensuring that the viewport height is set correctly u can prevent unwanted scrolling behaviors of sticky elements

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Are you refering to this?

I tried Min Height 100% but the issue remains…

Did you assign IDs to that sticky sidebar on the left and put a top: 92px as style? IF so, you should make it, top:110px;.

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Just tried that, but still the same

Your 110px is overridden somewhere else. You should find it and remove it:

Also there are two same ID elements in the group. This might be another issue:

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Found it! Thank you so much!

This solved the issue on the top of the sidebar (but I just noticed, it does the same at the end of the page, less important though! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Do you mind to explain to me why changing from 92 to 110 solved the issue? I’m very curious and wanna learn this!

Thanks a lot, what’s your PayPal so I can send you the €10? :slight_smile:

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It is the height of the top-header:

Please donate that to a charity of your choosing. I appreciate :+1:

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Aaaah, okay, I got it!!


Thank you!

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