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Stop instant loading of changes in database

Hi, I am creating a social networking site; on the home page, a list of posts is visible. My problem is that as soon as a new post is created by anyone, it loads on the home screen pushing the rest of the content down. I want this to be more like Facebook where on load a set of posts are visible, but once you refresh then only the new posts are visible. I hope someone can help me out! thanks in advance…

In the repeating group when setting your datasource, click on the ‘more’ text button to access the operator :make static…this will cause the data that is loaded on page load be the only that is visible in the RG until the user refreshes the page.

It didn’t work, I searched about the property and this is what I found…

This is the post

I got the specific requirement of mine to work by adding a constraint to the repeating group - created date less than or equal to current date time.

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