Stop repeating group from auto updating and pushing elements down

Has anybody implemented this?
I have a feed of things similar to instagram. The problem I’m having is that when new posts are added to the feed, the entire group gets pushed down and the users don’t maintain the current post they are viewing. I they’ll see the content that was pushed down.

how Can I stop the feed from automatically pushing things down? Maybe an “update on reload” scenario would work best?

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Add :make static to end of your RG’s data source


This does not work for a repeating group. Do you have any other solution?

and it still doesn’t work… I don’t know if this already has a workaround or side solution

Hi @viniciuslemos I was able to come up with a small solution for this. I made the feed only show items < current date and time. This means that any new items will not appear in the feed until the user reloads the page.

Hope this helps.

Hi @dbom009 , tks for returns guy.
But it dont solve my especific problem. I have a RG that is loaded messages sorted by number of likes. When the user clicks like, the fields are rearranged and the message focus goes to another RG index.
I would like to make the RG update only when there is a refresh of the page or something like this.

I was tried:
Data Source: Search for ABDC:filtered:make static
Data Source: Search for ABDC:make static:filtered
Data Source: Search for ABDC:make static:filtered:sorted by xyz
Data Source: Search for ABDC:sorted by xyz:make static:filtered

and any other combination with these terms, but the RG reorganize aways… Really this option :make static doesn’t seem to work for RG

I found that :make static only works for RG when the data source parameter is sent by a Display List workflow…

@viniciuslemos I see. One way to solve this may be to have a backend workflow that will push a “like” in a delayed time. There are probably some more confusing ways to solve it also using extra variables etc