Stop page's background's image from stretching out

Currently, when you set the background of a page as an image, the image, unfortunately, gets stretched out when the page gets bigger in height.

Is there a way we can prevent this? Maybe with some custom code? The image has to be completely visible on all desktop devices. So it basically has to reposition itself. (For mobile I’ll use a different design)

Here’s a great example:

I reallyyy need this feature to finish my app, hopefully someone can help me! :smiley:

(Also, if we can create a slideshow as a background, teach me how please!)


I found the solution to prevent it from stretching out.

→ Floating group beneath the page + Hero Sizing Plugin. Then a group in that floating group with an image as background + Hero Sizing Plugin again + check the box Crop image.

Only wondering now if there’s some custom code to have a slideshow as a group’s background. :slight_smile: