Background Images Issue

Hi all,

What are the best practices for having background images? My experience is that overlapping groups just ruin everything responsive.

Should I have a full width group with a full width image inside then all my other main body content on top of that in other groups? This leads to painful seemingly unfixable responsive issues.

Hope I’m just doing something wrong here as this would stop me using bubble

Many thanks in advance

If you want a background image for your lage, go to the page settings and set the background as an image…

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I just want it for a section ideally one at the top of the page, and one at the bottom of the page so one picture for the whole page wouldn’t be an option

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An other option is to put an ID to the element (or page) where you want an image as background, and using the HTML element, you can add a CSS rule to set the image as background.

There are lot of threads on this forum dealing with such CSS rules. Let us know if you don’t find what you’re looking for!

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OK, so if your section is a (main) group, just set the background as an image. No?

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Thanks Christophe I will try both !

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