[Solved] Stop Repeating Group from Automatically Updating

I have a RG of products that users can vote on. The products can be sorted in a few ways (Trending, Recently Added, Most Popular). I want to prevent the RG from automatically reorganizing for everyone every time any user makes a vote.

How do I only have the RG update on page load and not keep updating as other users make changes to the data base?

If there is already a thread on this please share the link :slight_smile:

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And to make this a little more complex, is there also a way when a user upvotes a product they can see the votes move up +1 from their action.

Have you tried :make static? https://bubble.io/reference#Data.Messages.list.make_static


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In theory you would think that this would work. Unfortunately it is making no effect on the RG. From my research I am pretty sure the :make static operation is designed exactly for this. Could it be a bug?

Any more ideas?

How about setting a custom state that has a list of items, then set the source of the RG to the custom state?

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Thats how I currently have the RG set up:

I’m suggesting that because make static isn’t working, you set a custom state and make that the source.

For example, setup a workflow that triggers on Page Load, and create an action for that event.

That action should set a custom state (let’s just put it on the page element, call it product_list, with a type of Products and check the box to make it a list) with a value of your Search for Products. Then on your RepeatingGroup Product, set the data source to product_list.

If you still are not catching it, let me know and I’ll build a sample for you.


That worked perfectly thank you! However, I’m a little confused on why that worked?

The custom state is something you have direct control over…it won’t change unless you change it.

Ah, I see. Where as when its a condition it will update when ever conditions are met.

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