Stopping bot from signing up

Hi Everyone,

Does any have experience or advice on how to stop bot sign ups?
My website is live for testing but not marketed so no one should know about it and yet a few bots are signing up already.

Is there a plugin or something available to block certain domains from signing up?

they all seem to come from


Hi there @hello.plannwin,

Use ReCaptcha.

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yeah looking into that but don’t really like the friction of ReCaptcha.

Thats a Facebook test user account email

Why don’t you blacklist the url? While signup checks if email consists of, then yes then just blacklist the email.

@bubble48 what exactly is that? why would Facebook test my page with numerous accounts?

This I don’t know. Just want to help you to indetify this email. You can go to your Facebook Develper App account and check under Roles if this Test user account is visible there. And Facebook will later for sure test your login periodically (if Facebook login/sign up is available on your Sign up page).

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