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Store a part of API response

Hi this is my api response


I need to store the highlighted auth key in bubble db and need to use the key as header for other API calls

Sample Next api call (Stored Key on db)

Can anybody help?

Can you share a link to your app - it’s a little easier to help that way.

Is this an oAuth API or what kind of API?

Storing only one response should be easy by setting up the call types but I don’t see why you would want/need to store an Auth key in the DB.

Nic | Codurly

It’s in private. Do I need to change to public?

It’s not oauth. It’s just REST with auth like this. It’s a stock API and planning to add a widget.

What API is it? I need a name or link to documentation to netter understand.

P.S. oAuth is part of REST calls.

Nic | Codurly

Shared here. Let me know your comments