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Store Quickbooks data in Bubble database, reliable?

Is it reliable to store data from Quickbooks, real info about different companies, incomes, expenses in Bubble database? Is it reliable?

Bubble’s databases are pretty secure, but as an App Admin, you will have to follow some data privacy guidelines around managing the app and database. Your Bubble App will also have to follow best practices in terms or data security and secure functionalities.

In case you are an individual entrepreneur without a dedicated team for this, I’d suggest avoiding it and only retrieving data from Quickbooks when a user needs to see it during a session - and not storing it on the DB.

Ranjit | Founder, Blur Apps
PS: Feel free to drop me a PM or Email anytime in case you think a 1:1 Bubble consultation might help!

This might help you form an opinion

I’d ponder why you’d think one SaaS solution like Quickbooks was more or less secure than another like Bubble. And the end of the day it’s all probably all in AWS anyway :rofl: