Developer Needed to Help with App with API Calls

I would like to help develop a web app in I am familiar with Bubble however I am not familiar with API calls and storing this data in a database. This app is not developed and would be starting from scratch. Here is the use case summary I am trying to build:

  1. There would be a login screen where the user could either sign up or log in. The user type would be set to “client” (as opposed to admin which would be used later).
  2. The user would authenticate their account with Quickbooks Online (QBO) from
  3. Upon initiation in Bubble, monthly account balances would be pulled from QBO. For example, the user may specify 1/31/2021 - 5/31/2022. From that date range, all account information would be stored in a database from QBO for each month-end in that range. Any prior account information for this company during that date range would be overwritten.
  4. On a nightly basis, there would be API calls to pull in the number of invoices, amount of invoices, number of expenses, amount of expenses, cash balances, and revenue.

That is it for now. There are possibly multiple other steps to this program such as building out additional calls and building out the user login/permissions part of the app as well.

I am fine with using an OAuth program like Pathfix if that makes things easier.

I am open to other ideas to achieve this. The idea is this information would then be used to generate dashboards and reports.

I am an accountant so use cases are not my thing. If I am missing any information, please feel free to reach out. In your reply, please let me know what type of experience you have with projects like this.


Pathfix is a great solution for oauth and they have a quickbooks integration, I use pathfix in a number of apps.

Ex accountant turned Bubble developer myself :smiley:


Hey @matt54

I’m from Sydney, Australia, and I run a Bubble Agency, Support Dept

[Fun fact] I’m also an Accountant turn Bubble developer :wave: with ~15 years accounting experience and 10 years as a CPA. Actually, I’m still a registered CPA! So I understand the subject matter behind your app quite well.

Anyway, we have a pretty flexible approach to working with clients, with two major engagement models.

  1. We provide feedback, answer your questions and teach you to build and maintain an awesome app in Bubble. This is by far the most economical approach and keeps you in the driver’s seat.
  2. We take your instructions and build your app for you.

You can also mix and match 1 and 2 as best suits you and your budget.

I have a lot of experience structuring databases and working with third-party APIs.

Check out my website and the packages I offer and if you’d like to discuss further, book a call with me. It’s also a good example of an app I’ve build in Bubble :slight_smile:

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Hello, I am a full stack web and mobile developer, and I have been getting into bubble for years.
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