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Storing False in Postgresql DB from a yes/no type in workflow

I am using the plugin SQL Database Connector to which I connected a Postgresql DB.

In Postgresql, I have this table :slight_smile:


So in Bubble, with the SQL connector :


When I use the test values, everything works fine. But when in a Workflow using the SQL query to insert information like this one :


If I want to insert True for the field “deal”, I check the field deal and it works fine.
BUT, if I want to insert False, I keep the field “deal” unchecked (seems logic since there is no other choice like a crossmark), and the SQL connector considers it as null value. As null value is not accepted from the DB the query fails.

How to send a False value for a bool postgresql type from a workflow with yes/no type ?

Postgresql logs shows even more black magic :

If you look at the second log entry, there is not even a ‘null’ value for the field “deal”.

What is the behavior behind this ?

Thanks :slight_smile: