Storing results from a search

What are the best practices (performance-wise) when performing a search? Specifically, I am performing a search on some “things” and I would like to store the results to be used in multiple places, repeating groups etc in the same page.

Is it recommended to store the results in a hidden text box or similar and pass the value of it?

Hey @spygiannakis!

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Bubble reuses search results for any search that is exactly the same. So if you perform a search in multiple elements on a page that have the same constraints, bubble will only perform that search on the server one time. That being said, if the search is being used in several places, you may find it easier from an editing perspective to do as you said, in order to save time in development. You can use tricks like storing results in a repeating group within a popup you don’t ever show the user, and then reference that element’s list of results in other elements on your page.


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Ken Truesdale

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@mebeingken do you know off the top of your head where I can read up on this?

Hey Duke,

This is just something I learned in the forums at some point (probably a post from Josh) and then did a quick test to make sure I was seeing the same thing by using the developer console in a browser.

Thanks for your help, Ken!

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Ok cool, thanks!

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