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Reducing the number of searches when multiple reusables on a page rely on the same list

Best practices consult. How can one reduce the number of searches when multiple reusables on a page rely on the same list … without (1) using plugins (Floppy or Satellite that dump data in local storage) or (2) displaying data actions to custom states.
Any tricks?

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Hi @cmarchan, I might be misunderstanding the question here…

But if you’re talking about using multiple Reusable elements on a page, where they each have the same search within them, and you’re worried about that search being made multiple times affecting performance, there’s no need to worry, nor any need for any tricks…

Bubble will take care of that for you… the search will only be made once if the same list (or a subset of it) is referred to multiple times on the page (even if it’s being referred to multiple times in multiple Reusable Elements).


What @adamhholmes says is entirely correct. The results of a Search... are essentially cached in the page and, if you reference the same Search... expression in different places on the same page, there aren’t multiple separate pings to the database.

The same is true of individual Things, by the way.

And, in most contexts, the list that results from a Search and the fields on individual Things that it might contain remain live queries to the database and those values will change dynamically if the results of the Search change, or if the properties of some previously-fetched Thing change.


@adamhholmes @keith

Gentlemen … thank you!

I had my doubts as it is indeed the general understanding. :slight_smile:

Now getting back to my reusables with more confidence! :fire: