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πŸš€ Strac β€” Securely Store Sensitive PII/PHI Data & API Keys

Hello everyone,
Happy 2022!

We are Strac (backed by YCombinator). We help companies (including Bubble customers) securely manage :

  • Customer Personal Data & Documents (ssn, drivers lic, bank accounts, credit, dob, etc.)
  • API Keys (Providers like Stripe, Twilio, Coinbase, etc.)

Advantages of using Strac on Bubble:

  • No Authorized Employee can access any sensitive personal data from your Bubble account. Prevents Data Breaches.
  • Turn-Key HIPAA & SOC-2 Compliant Solution to manage your user’s sensitive personal data
  • Redact sensitive information from documents in real-time
  • No Sensitive Data will be logged on Bubble servers

How to integrate?

  • Use Bubble API Connector to connect with Strac APIs in less than 15 minutes. Check us out here:

About Us

  • We spent 20+ years at Amazon in Payments building various products, widgets, APIs & security. Most recently, we built the payment secure zone that stored & transacted billions of cards.

Excited to help Bubble users secure their customer’s most sensitive data & provider’s API Keys.

Want to try it out?


Where’s the link?

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Thanks, I forgot to post the link to the website. I updated above

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So you can build a HIPAA compliant application using bubble now with this plug-in ? Do you offer BAA’s ?

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Just signed up for a time to chat via your site!

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Thanks @jared.gibb . Looking forward to it!

Yes, you can build a HIPAA compliant application using Bubble with Strac. Yes, we offer BAAs. Let’s discuss at length on Monday.

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Thanks everyone whoever reached out. Future Bubble users, please book a demo listed out on Strac website. We also have a special deal for Bubble users! :slight_smile:

Hi @spongebob (squarepants :joy:) can you guys please have flexible timing this week/weekend in calendly? It’s 12am to 6 am my side of screen.

Haha! :slight_smile:
I updated calendly to be IST friendly. Can you please check? Thanks @Vizard

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Thanks a lot @spongebob

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No problem. Looking forward to the discussion!

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If this works, it should be getting a lot more love/upvotes on here. This sounds so powerful.

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If it helps, we have Bubble users who are already leveraging us to store their sensitive data.

I’ve booked a demo with you for tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing what Strac can do :slight_smile:

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Hi guys,
I wanted to let you all know about our experience working with Strac team. We leveraged Strac to make our site HIPAA compliant and secure as we deal with sensitive patient and practitioner data.
The Strac founder and Strac team are very responsive when it comes to answering compliance questions that I may have and/or working through the technical aspects of Bubble integration with our developers. If anyone is looking to secure any sensitive data in Bubble, you really should talk to them, they have exceeded our expectations.


Where were you @spongebob when I looked for this 2 years ago. Just seeing this now. Definitely a need for Bubble

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Hi @Boost ,
Thank you for your reply.

You can still incorporate Strac in your Bubble app in 15-30 minutes. Pretty straightforward. Want to try it out?

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Absolutely! Scheduled a call

Strac is the BEST! Their team helped me integrate their product into a client build I have been working on over the past few months.

The team was very helpful in accommodating our custom needs and debugging any issues that arose.

10/10 recommend.

Don’t chance it, protect your sensitive data the correct way from the start!!!

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