Strange app loading like an old monitor

Hello guys,
I’m ready to publish my app but I have a detail I can’t fix : When I switch between tabs of my app (using custom state) I have this strange top to bottom loading, even if the tab has been loaded before.
This is annoying since my loading group is concerned and I can’t mask this…

This is a example (heavy file, may wait to see)

With most apps, this is normal.
If it is persistent, or makes navigating the app difficult, my first attempt would be either to simplify the app so that it moves faster, or change the loading group’s appearance so that it just looks better during loading (for example, a simple bar that runs from left to right).

I’m definitely not the most experienced Bubble user out there, but I hope this helps anyway. :slight_smile:

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Not normal - do you have transitions? Or just show and hide workflows?

@t_bubble no transitions, just the hide and show condition inside the group

I think I solved it.
I added a pause (100ms) between the loading group display and the actual page display.

Yeah, this is actually the workaround I also found. Sorry for a late reply, glad that you sorted out.

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Since you have been working on your app, I’m just wondering if you ever had a case with showing an old data for a few seconds.

RG shows previous data for a second

The only workaround, I found so far is to show a loading overlay for 3 seconds, but this actually increase a waiting time and potentially might be annoying for end users.


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