Replace upper load bar (for workflows and page loads)

ln testing I’ve noticed an issue where the default Bubble horizontal loading bar is doing its thing, but users don’t notice - causing them to refresh, hit back etc.

Is there an easy way to replace this, for both page loads and workflows? I’d also be interested in replacing the spinner that sometimes appear while RepeatingGroups are loading…

My ideal solution would be something that takes up the full screen on mobile, and on desktop just locks out the main area of the dashboard until everything is ready (essentially just a large container group, with opacity, and a gif in the middle).

Thanks !

Apologies for the duplicate topic, however, the others are several years old and don’t have answers - hoping someone has found something in 2023.

I’m hoping to avoid a solution where I need to create a Group/popup, and have its visibility shown in every workflow…


Bump :slight_smile:

Hello, I want to mention that it is not possible to hide or remove the loading bar.

However, there is an effective technique that can boost your app’s performance and make data loadings seamless for users.

The details of this technique are lengthy and vary depending on the app’s conditions.

If you’re interested, I can review your app and provide an example of how to implement this technique. You can then modify the rest of the app accordingly

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