Strange behavior of dates on mobile vs Computer

Hello! I found out a really strange behavior in a repeating group of dates in the Calendly clone I’m doing. As you can see in the image bellow, on computer it works properly, displaying the hour slots as they come from the database. But on mobile the slots for some reason are displaying with an added 41 minutes.

Some considerations:
• It work flawlessly on computer browser
• The times slots are being displayed exactly as they came from the database, I’m not doing any transformations besides formatting the date to show only hour and minutes
• The issue is not only visual, also the workflows are considering the wrong date when running
• On iOS it displays the date with wrong minutes added (41 minutes), and on Android it displays wrongly as well but with different minutes added (5 minutes)
• When formatting the date is possible to change the time-zone. Doing testings I found out that changing the time-zones change the minutes part randomly, some add 41 minutes, other ones add 11 minutes, etc.

I’m totally lost. Is this a bug? Thanks in advance!

I don’t think it is a bug. My template that is a clone of calendly and Google Calendar combined does not experience this.

Working with dates and times is quite complicated at first. My assumption of what you are experiencing is somehow your dates saved in the database are in a different timezone than the mobile device you are testing on, and it seems like they are different by about 30 minutes, hence the 11 minutes or 41 minutes differences you are experiencing.

It could also be the way you are displaying the dates and times. Maybe you have a mobile page that has some slight differences from the normal page?

I can see you have at the top All dates in CST…is this pulling in dynamic data or is it just a static text. If it is static text that doesn’t help at all, but if it is dynamic text and you are pulling in the users current timezone abbreviation than it does seem that something is off with the way the text fields in the time slot buttons are displayed.

If you used date formatted as custom and then did h:mm tt or H:MM tt there does seem to be some inherent bug within bubble (but of course I may be wrong and it is intended behavior). I experienced issues that the H:MM would cause the minutes to be represented incorrectly…that may ultimately what is the issue.

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