Strange behavior of formatting a number and converting it back to number. Randomly seem to loose rear figures

Just to check whether or not I am missing something fundamentally here:
A calculation comes up with a number which I am formatting a certain way and saving it into a number field into the db. But suddenly 3 out of 4 fields are just capping the last 3 digits from -120.000 to -120. But see yourself:


Not working:

And it does not seem to be the minus since I have many other examples where numbers like -30.000 got saved as -30.000.

What am I missing here?

Is it a bug and I ask bubble and file a bug report or is there something obvious that I’m just not able to see?


Hey :wave: @hi_bubble

According to the Bubble documentation, this is how it is supposed to behave. -120.000 and -120 is the same value when . is a decimal point. Only for US though.

It might be a bug or just the way the input handles it. I do notice that the inputs don’t always handle international numbers correctly. Might need to report it. Especially if it only happens when it is a negative number.

I think ‘converted to number’ might only work for US numbers. According to this documentation, it is Browser based. Operators and comparisons | Bubble Docs

So maybe your browser is messing with what Bubble thinks it should be. Might need to find another plugin to do the conversion for you. Not sure if Bubble will try to fix this for your use case or not.

Hi @J805 thanks I will get in touch with them. It just seems to be so randomly and not related to negative values.

Anyhow I will update this when I know what is going on.

Thank you!

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