Question: US vs. European number formatting (please HELP)


could someone please help me to understand how bubble handles the decimal point of numbers? There are two conventions :

US: 3,14158 (comma)
Europe: 3.14159 (point)

bubble seems to understand the US formatting, but not the european.


Is there a way to choose which of the two conventions is to be used, for instance either as an app-wide standard, or even better as a function of the users computer settings?

Thanks for any hints, many regards O.

hi!, whenever you are displaying a number in a text element you can select “:format as” and it will display all the options to change the format of the number :slight_smile:

Thanks, bluflame,

but the situation is reverse: the user is the one typing in the numbers, and there seems to be no possibility to adjust formatting:

The input field just turns red if the formatting is not correct. But why and where is bubble receiving the information from that a comma instead of a point is expected :thinking:?

Just pushing the issue once again, still no solution :disappointed_relieved: !

We are working on standardizing and localizing inputs and will review this feature request as part of it. More to come in the next few months.

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