Strange Behavior with RepeatingGroup

I have an issue with a repeatable group. Basically I take a bunch of actions that show elements within the first row. The last action hides the row (updates the database) and the row disappears. The second row moves up and the controls that I expanded on the first row are now expanded in the second row.


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At the end of the workflow, you need to essentially “reset” your panel that has tha actions in it. The record from the second row is now the record in row 1, so you need to get the rest of that rows design back to its default state. It’s working as intended, you just haven’t finished the steps yet.

That’s what I wound up doing and it felt wrong. Thank you for your response as it validated that what I’m doing is correct. Now I can stop obsession over doing it “right” and move on!

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So here’s an interesting problem related to this issue:

You’ll notice there’s a button called “I’ll reach out myself” that is available after I click options. That button opens a popup where the user can take actions to work on the data from the row in the repeating group. When the popup is dismissed I need to hide the row. That works fine because I’m changing a database element that causes the row to disappear. HOWEVER, the popup has no reference to the visual elements of the repeating group, so I’m left with an expanded options pane.

Here’s a gif:


Any thoughts?

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