Repeating Group Data Disappearing

I have a repeating group that is setup to show data inputted through a survey. In the repeating group, there is an update button intended to allow the user to update the information in the current cell. When this button is clicked a popup opens to allow the changes. Here is my problem - when that update button is clicked in the repeating cell, several of the rows of data disappear from the repeating group. I’ve checked and made sure that the data isn’t being deleted and it’s not. When the page is refreshed, every row of data then shows properly until the update button is clicked again. Does anyone have any idea how to stop the data from disappearing?

Hi, :raised_hand: :wave:

maybe you have an action to display new data in the repeating group )after saving changes)?

Or maybe some constraints on the repeating group are filtering the new data that you saved?

Can you share screenshots of your repeating group constraints and from the workflows? So we can help you better :smiley:



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