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Strange formatting issue with editor vs preview

I’m having problems with the alignment and formatting of two fields. They look different in the editor vs preview and I can’t figure out why.

Here’s the editor

Here’s in the preview. You can see that the alignment of the fields go back and fourth. It looks pretty bad!

Any idea what I should look for to fix this??

Manually check the width and positioning of both the labels to the left and the entry fields, looking at the preview above, I would have said their are more than 2 controls out of alignment. Use the margins tool to determine where they are taking there reference. I would also consider moving them into a group as a test to see if that holds them in the right place.

Thanks. They are already in a group.

How do I check the positioning? Other than how it’s lined up in the editor.

Where do I find the margin tools?

Ok. So I solved the alignment issues by putting everything with a group and then fixing the width of the group.

However, now I can’t get the groups to line up.

Here’s the editor

Here’s the preview:

What should I look into for this? Perhaps put both groups into a single group? The group splits at “home square footage”

On the responsive view, make sure they are set to left. On each group parameter dialog set the left position.

FYI, the margin tool is on the responsive view editor.

Dave. Thanks. Okay, I’ll do this and let you know if I have any questions.