(Strange) issue with the API connector

Hello everyone !

I want to implement an API with the API connector.
For a parameter, I need to set a boolean value, but the API connector doesn’t allow it. So, I need to set the body parameters with JSON. And it’s not working too !

I decided to check the API with this tool : https://reqbin.com and I have a 201 status.

Can you help me please ? What is the issue because I don’t really know and it’s driving me crazy.
Also, can Bubble allow other types of parameters in the API connecter (rather than “text” only) ?
Thanks for your assistance.

Add the header “Content-type” and value “application/json”

and put a space before “true” for my OCD :rofl:

also “operation” isn’t in the API docs for that endpoint

Also if its kind of a static conversion process you are doing, normally you don’t need too make individual task requests to CloudConvert, you build the job in the Job Builder with outputs of one task going to the input of the next. Then its just a single request to them for the whole Job

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Also, true should be in quotes? "true"?

No cause that would send true as a string

Ah I never realised that json supports boolean values like that. I just assumed always that it can either be a number (no quotes) or a strong (with quotes). Nice.

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