Strange Missing Element

Hi there,

On just one page of my site I have this text block “missing element” that floats over the page…


I do not have any errors showing and I cannot see anything either looking at X-ray mode or showing borders. No other pages have this so I don’t think it’s from any reusable element.

Any idea on how I can do a search for this and delete it so it doesn’t continue to appear on this page?

It is either a plugin element of which the plugin has been uninstalled on your app…or it is a reusable element that you have deleted…not sure if any other causes for this exist.

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It’s possible it could one of either actually. If it’s an uninstalled plug in or deleted reusable element, how does one still isolate this bit and resolve its visibility? Again I’m not getting any errors to point me at it, and I’m not sure how I can search for it since it may be something that’s been uninstalled.

Try to click directly onto the text missing element…unless that text is on your preview screen.

If in the editor you have no way of locating it, I’d recommend filing a bug report with support. They might be able to assist with locating it.

Thanks, I’ll have to file a bug report. The text only appears on the previewed page, but is nowhere to be found in the development environment. I’ll provide an update once one is found.

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