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Missing elements

When Im viewing my app in preview I have elements that dont show in development mode. I’d like to delete em buck cant track em down

We’d need a link to help there. Without that it’s a bit hard to help.

@emmanuel any word here? Im cant find these pesky elements

We need a little bit more details here. Which element is missing? Are there two views with supposedly the same elements and they don’t show up? Otherwise we can’t help.

Here is the element viewer, you can see the round profile picture elements

However here is that screen in dev mode, those round elements cant be found (except for the one that is suppose to be there)

any help would be awesome! @levon @emmanuel

Hi David, I took another look at this, and it’s really strange. The other 2 picture uploaders are not listed in the element list. Neither they are under hidden elements tab. So it really looks like a bug - I guess @emmanuel should be able to help you out better on this. Or you can also shoot a bug report here

Yes, if it’s still happening a bug report is the best way to go.