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Stretch to fit content issues

Not sure whats going on here…

I have a page in Dev mode that has several HTML elements, each one has an img tag within it that pulls images from an outside source ( ) when previewed in Dev Mode, the images stretch to fit as intended.

On another page, same scenario but this time images are pulled in from uploaded images via Bubbles server, what happens is that the images in this case do not stretch when previewed in Dev Mode. ( ) both pages same settings with the HTML elements except the src attribute.

In Live Mode the images do not stretch to fit at all… Puzzling!
Live Demo ( )
Live Test ( )

Anyone know has an idea whats going on? I would appreciate any help.

Thanks much in advance!

I don’t see any image at

@emmanuel, upload an image to see, more specifically, upload one/two in portrait to see better… Also this is the test link. See the Live Demo links.