Stretch to fit content Text Box


I am making a popup where I would like to have an extendable text box, in previous version of I had done that pretty easily, but with the new version I couldn’t manage to achieve the same objective.


So, in a popup I have a text box, I am injecting inside that text box data from my database, the text that is being injected in the text box can be short as very long. When the text is very long I would like that the text box is stretched automatically and the popup too. On the screenshot you can see my text box, it is a child of a group contained inside the black borders.

In my text box parameters I don’t see the option to stretch the text box, but when I was looking for the text documentation I saw that this option was still in the documentation.

Does someone has a solution for that or a workaround?

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Can’t figure this out either - it looks like this option was just taken away without any change in documentation. Have you figured out a solution? I guess the backups are either to switch to responsive or impose a character limit.