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Stretch to fit MultiLineInput

I´ve got a Multi Line Input in a group and it´s set to stretch to fit content.
However when the object stretches the rest of the group and page doesn’t adapt.

As you can see the object just expands over the rest of the object in the group and out of the group. It keeps running over the footer and the bottom stripe as well.

Then for some reason it suddenly stops and cuts of the text…not stretching fully to fit the content.
How come the object just runs over everything else when stretching? The group it´s in isn´t following along and the stripe at the bottom isn’t either.
And then why the sudden cut of?

I´ve tried a bunch of different ways to get around ti but no luck.
Any ideas?

Ok…to be clear. This is a problem when the initial content is stretching the object.
Not when typing a new in the input…then it does´s expand correctly

Facing same problem here. @emmanuel suggested I fill a bug report but never gotten around to it yet. Hopefully today…

This does sound like an issue - can you please file a bug report and include a link to your edit mode page(s)?

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