Strings in RG Multiline Input element separating content

I have strings containing passwords that contain special characters that are splitting up across multiple lines when being displayed in multiline input elements in a RG.

Assume it’s because of particular special characters that cause the line break (like in the examples above) showing the break after the ? symbol. Is there a way to keep this from happening so that the string flows to the end of the line before it continues on the next line?

I thought about running an HTML file on the multiline but not sure how to code it. And I tried some of the various attributes in my initial content line (Current Cell’s text).

You have to make width of container flexible ( not fixed ) to stretch and fit content from layout if you use bubble element or from html code if you use html element .

the multiline stretches vertically when the string is longer than the width. And it provides enough space for the content to fit in vertically But the text still separates. I notice is only does it with content that has special characters in it. Not when there is numbers or alpha characters. And as the image shows below - not for all special characters.

Here’s the settings.

change max width to infinite ( You can make this by delete value of max width )

works but doesn’t work. it will allow the textbox to fill each line. but it screws up the layout by pushing everything to the right and jumbled up in the row.

I even tried adding a group for both elements in the row to try to preserve the layout while getting rid of the max width value. And that didn’t work either.

You’ve set the max width to 0px

Set it to infinite instead

I did both. same result. Some of the special characters (like ? or -) cause the text to break.

And the gap between the button and scrollbar on the right (if the content goes beyond the height of the RG) disappears.

Try adding the following CSS to the multiline input:

word-break: break-all

do I do this in an HTML element? And if so, do I connect the HTML element to the ML input element via the ID Attribute? (first time doing it)…

Yes… exactly…

Here’s an example:

Multiline Input Break (

That worked. Thanks

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