Stripe 3D Secure testing (with Stripe.js 2 plugin)

Hello, I’m on Bubble since june.
I’m building a marketplace for restaurants.

I built workflows for Stripe payment using Stripe.js 2
This is the worflow When StripeElementA Payment method was created

It works great, except 3D Secure authentification.

I haven’t this Stripe popup in test mode.


Stripe Confirm is OK

But payments are unconfirmed, because of no authentification.

There are the two last logs in Stripe.

How can I set the Strip authentification screen ?

Thank you

Laurent, France

I’ve also a bug today with the Stripe Element. It doesn’t look well and it is difficult to write a card number.
I have also this bug with the template Marketplace for Restaurants that I bought (I uninstalled Stripe plugin by Bubble and put Jtripe.js 2). The app that I work hasn’t any template ; I’m building it from scratch.
Thank you for you replies

I am struggling with the same problem right now, getting to show the 3d secure screen.

As I can understand from the Stripe docs, you (we) are missing a final call: Figured that out by reading this docs with an example of subscription (see point 8:

Unfortunately, I am still myself trying to figure out how to trigger that call, but maybe the docs can help you a bit further as well?

@laurentkzk The Stripe.js plugin just came out with an update two days ago with added support for verification - and… it triggers the 3d secure window now! At least for my case where I before didn’t get the window. So maybe test again and see if the same happens for you :crossed_fingers:

Hello @maja-overgaard,
Thank you for your reply and this information.
I’m using the Stripe plugin by Bubble that is simple and works good.

Does 3d secure works with subscriptions?
I managed to make it work with one time payments but not subscriptions

Yes. If you use Bubbles Stripe plugin it works automatically (when using the “Subscribe to”-action.

With Stripe.js it used to now work. However, when I tested last it worked. My setup is:

  1. Create customer
  2. Attach default payment method to customer
  3. Subscribe to subscription = pay

Doesn’t work for me.
I use Stripe test card with required authentication.
Nothing happens, no window show, no redirection to bank’s website page.
Inside an invoice I have paymentIntent and it’s status is “require_action”

I have the same issue. Did you find a solution ?

no, as for now