Stripe checkout pro initializacion

Hello community !
Trying to get easy payment system on a small business I’m creating
The purpose is very simple : I have a customer (user) a product (basket ready and approved by customer)… and I have just to go to stripe for him to pay BUT on Secure/3D identification system

  • first I was using the classical “stripe” plugin and everything was good EXCEPT that this plugin seems not accept SECURE/3D control, which is absolutely necessary today in EU and I think others countries too.

  • Then I take it off and I plug the 'stripe.js 2" and the “stripe checkout pro” plugins… But the example that the creator #Anocado give with the plugin doesn’t work with MY Bubble appli : Anocado-stripe | Bubble Editor

Could somebody copy a personal functional workflow on this post, and I will try to adapt it for my appli.
It would be so kind !!!
muchas gracias :wink: