Stripe action "Subscribe the user to a plan" does not get the plans I defined in Stripe

Hi there,

I am having trouble setting up the Stripe plugin.

My issue:
I would like to “Subscribe my user to a plan”, but my plans do not show up in the drop down “Stripe plan name” in the “Subscribe my user to a plan” action (see screen shot).

Any suggestions what might be the issue?

What I did so far: I installed the plugin, created and activated a Stripe account and entered all four keys and both client IDs in the plugin page. I also created a product with 3 different pricing plans in Stripe.

Thanks for the help!

Hi @nicola.kegel :slight_smile: When creating the Product and the Pricing Plans in Stripe, did you also create them as test data within Stripe? (You can toggle between your Stripe live and test data by using the small toggle on the left side of the Stripe dashboard).


If so, I would make sure that the test and live Pricing Plans have the same IDs. @keith’s post below has really helpful information on how to set this up :slight_smile:


If you have done all of these, reload the editor. I had the same issue and closing the browser and coming back in made them all magically appear.


Thank you Faye! You’re on point as always! Now it works. :hugs:

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Awesome!! My pleasure, @nicola.kegel! :relaxed:

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