Stripe isn't pulling in plans

I’m using the Stripe plugin with the Scriptly template by Zeroqode. I enter in both my test and production API keys; however, no plans are being pulled and I can’t figure out why. Any help here would be appreciated.

Hey @stephen7,

Can you provide screenshots of the issue you are having? Which Stripe plugin are you using? The one by Bubble?


Hey @stephen7,

Are you using the subscription action? Once you do that if you are on the test version make sure to create test versions on the Stripe Dashboard, then just simply take the Subscription ID and put it into the Bubble action.

Hope this helped!


Make sure you have both TEST and LIVE products in Stripe, and that they are the identical (referring to the plan name). I believe it’s the plan ID that needs to be the same.

Try it out and let me know.


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What do you mean the plan name is identical? I don’t see a place to put the plan name.