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Stripe And image

Well I have a stripe in my app. the stripe is Floating ie. it moves with scroll . But i also have an image on the stripe.However the image is not floating ie. The image goes away when i scroll. What should I do .

Basically I want to have a header like bubble has on it’s dashboard ie. the stripe is floating and also the logo of bubble is also floating. They both move with the scroll.

Please help

Try right clicking on your image - and then pasting it inside your stripe (i think you can do that?? I haven’t used a stripe). I know that will work with a regular floating group…

The trick is you want your image element to acknowledge that it belongs INSIDE the stripe - and not infront of it.

Try the copy/paste

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What I did was…

  • Create a floating group and put it where the stripe is.
  • Make the floating groups background transparent so it can’t be visually seen.
  • Drag the element (that you want to float) into the floating group

Thanks a lot. It worked


Thanks a lot bro

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No worries, man.