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How do I add a stripe?

Hi guys,

I’m currently trying to add a stripe element to the page. In the tutorial i’m following there is a specific button that allows him to add a stripe to the page. But it’s no longer there for me.

Is there an alternative way I can add a stripe to the page? I read a few other threads about this, and it say I should add a shape or floating group, but i noticed the shapes and groups width will no go past a certain margin on the page (i.e the two blue lines on the side)

Is there a way around this so I can add a stripe that fills the entire width of the page?\

Thanks in advance.


This feature is deprecated. Now you just need to have a group, it will stretch to the edges of the screen.

Hi emmanuel,

When i added a group, this was the furthest margin I could stretch it to. Maybe i’m not doing something right.

Did you try in run mode? Also, make sure the page isn’t in fixed width mode

Hi emmanuel.
I’m in a similar situation as jevvy11. Per your instructions, I created a group that spans the entire width and added an image to the background, to create a hero image. When previewed, it looks great.

I then added a text element for a headline and need to have it centered horizontally, but when I right-click the text, there’s no “center relative to the parent” option. When I preview, the text is way off center.

How can I center the text (headline) or other elements relative to the group?

Thank you.

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